Top 5 health analytics trends to watch out for in 2019

1. Improvements in AI driven by further advances in machine learning techniques 

As more health-care specific algorithms are developed, automated clinical decision making is likely to improve. There’s potential to use AI in diagnostics, preventative care and medical treatment. Detecting different types of brain trauma is just one promising future use of AI.

2. Embedding wearable tech and IoT into insurance

As reliability and accuracy of data recorded by wearables and Internet of Things devices improves, there could be the potential to further incorporate this technology into health and life insurance products. Insurers may seek to use these technologies drive long-term behavioural change among their policyholders.

3. AR/VR to improve medical training and health

Use of virtual reality technology in training medical professionals, for example in complex surgical procedures. Virtual reality has also shown promise in helping to treat a range of diseases including depression and anxiety. Augmented reality may continue to be used to try to encourage a more active lifestyle.

4. Scaling up big data predictive analytics

2019 is likely to see the scaling up the use of predictive analytics in improving quality of care, forecasting epidemic outbreaks and directing the flow of patients around the health system according to anticipated clinical need. More health care providers will be keen adopt predictive analytics into their business models to achieve cost savings and efficiency gains.

5. Progress in personalised medicine facilitated by a rise in genomic data collection

The rise in the number of people using direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits is likely to continue. Providers are already starting to offer genetically-tailored exercise and nutrition plans. Institutions such as the NHS Genomic Medicine Service are continuing to focus on scaling up genome sequencing with the hope of analysing whole genome data sets to develop more personalised medical treatments for conditions such as cancer.

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